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4x01 vs 5x16

#john winchester can go fuck himself on a stalagmite (x)

fucking John

Reason #483 to not like John Winchester

Dean’s face in the last gif is the face of an abused child, so don’t you fucking dare defend John Winchester to me.

He was more traumatized by what his father did than by what happened to him in hell of all places and if that’s not fucked up I don’t know what is


Anonymous asked:

Cecil notices Carlos PHD hanging on the wall in the lab and one time jokingly calls him 'Doctor' when they fuck on a lab table. Carlos freezes and just stares at him a moment before begging him to say it again. Cecil does and Carlos fucks him harder than he ever has before.


DOCTOR, DOCTOR, GIVE ME THE NEWS, I GOT A BAD CASE OF fuck me harder because damn, that booty is fine!

- Mod D

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