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scienceandbotany asked:

seeing as maureen is able to phase between the desert world and night vale, and carlos is now in a place easy to locate, maureen is gonna bring his ass home uwu




that would be badass.

Maureen finally gets fed up with Cecil’s shit and drags him back home by herself, kicking and screaming

Maureen carrying carlos bridal style while he makes confused science noises

I’m swooning



I found tonight’s episode of Welcome To Night Vale extremely depressing…and not just because of the “shaving”.

It’s becoming blatantly obvious that Carlos won’t be coming home anytime soon. In fact, I’m guessing he won’t be back until the yearly anniversary event episode.

His Mother, his brother, his sister, Earl, Leonard, the young man from Luftnarp and now Carlos- I’m starting to wonder if everyone in Cecil’s life has ended up letting him down.

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